America’s Dairyland offers clear skies and cool sunny days -- everything a solar power system loves. With energy prices always on the rise from utility companies at a rate of 5-12% a year, solar offers a defense mechanism that will not only protect your electric bill from these escalations, but will also provide a significant increase in your home, farm, or business value

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Solar for WI Business's & Farms

If you are a business or farm that uses alot of electric energy, solar energy can help reduce your overhead with a system designed to last 30+ years. On top of saving your business money on expenses, you get accelerated bonus depreciation on each system. You can also use solar to help promote your business's sustainable model as well as offer a product that is sustainable. 

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WI-roofmounted-solarWI Solar Homes

At no obligation, we can detail out how solar can significantly increase your home's value as well as provide you with 30+ years of depedable, clean, efficent . Able Energy are experts in providing a complete solar solution as well as being licensed to perform all your solar work, and with our 100% Solar Score, our Wisconsin customers can be at ease that they are getting the best value. With your solar power system, you will get all our expert system design, product that we work directly with manufacturers on, and quality installations by our highly trained staff and highly knowledge sales staff. As a contractor dedicated in providing the best service and value based solar product, Able Energy Co. offers the unmatched service in the state of Wisconsin. 

 The Benefits

Business Incentives-

  • 30% Federal Tax Credit
  • 5 Year Depreciation +Bonus
  • Sustainable Product
  • Possible Utility Incentive(s)
  • Business Value Increase



Residential Incentives-

  • 30% Federal Tax Credit
  • Home Value Increase
  • 30+ Years of Electricity Generation
  • Hedging against 4-15% Rate Increases
  • Focus on Energy Incentive up to $2400


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