Saving Money with Solar

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Simple, Reliable, Predictable -

It's simple, why many homeowners are installing solar electric systems: it provides a predictable return on investment and a means of shielding one’s self against the ever rising energy costs, which have been climbing at an annual rate of 4 to 15 percent.


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Solar energy offers reliability and durability beyond many other electricity options. With the growth of solar energy comes many great choices in harnessing that energy. 


We offer in depth information on the inverter technology we use and why we use specific equipment for specific reasons. Helping ensure your system is producing the most amount of energy for the best value.

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 Less Expensive

Solar is less expensive than the electricity you are getting from the utility. Typically, our residential customers see a break even point of about 8-10 years and will save up to $50,000 in energy. Studies show that solar will increase the value of your home. If you add the home value increase, it usually exceeds the cost of the system and it will have an immediate return on investment.

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 Incentives and Rebates

Each market we serve provides different incentives that are dependent on each tax payer’s status. Most of our customers benefit from a 30% federal tax credit, and some from state rebates and solar renewable energy credits (SREC’s). To learn more about your area(s) Incentives and Rebates click here.

 Simple Process- We Handle Everything

  1. Able Energy designs a system to fit your home.
  2. Select your preferred payment type: financing or up-front purchase.
  3. Then we complete the installation with our staff, which guarantees your system is installed the way it was designed and that the entire system installation is protected by a single warranty.
  4. After a short instructional of your systems operational and safety switch location, you're off and running.
  5. Then, with our custom monitoring WattScanner™, you can watch your home solar system start saving you money while allowing you to keep tabs on your overall electricity consumption.


How to get Started

Contact Able Energy Co. by filling out our form or if you prefer talking to someone, feel free to give us a call at 877-235-8962. We will get in touch with you within 24 hours.