Monitor Your Energy

with WattScanner™

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WattScanner-Solar-MonitoringOur custom monitoring system, WattScanner™, was custom engineered to fit our customer's needs. It's simple to use and is a low cost option that gives you the ability to monitor how much electricity you are using as well as how much solar electricity you are generating.

We developed our monitoring with a basic fundamental that it must have NO ANNUAL FEE. Our system is a one-time purchase, so all you need after it is installed is an internet connection, and your off and running.

monitoring-chart No More Suprises

Once installed, you can view with great accuracy what your house is generating and using. There will no longer be a 30-day surprise in the form of a utility bill, you can take action on your electricity usage now knowing how much your home is using on a second by second timeframe, so you can take action as needed with the knowledge of simply knowing how much electricity your home or family is using.


We have installed Watt Scanner™ in homes, businesses and government facilities that simply want a reasonably priced system that provides all the relevant information. 

As a service aimed at saving you money and maximizing your solar production, you can conveniently access your system on the following devices:

  1. Laptop/ Desktop- Simply pull up your monitoring unit's web address and you will be able to track your usage and solar production in any given time frame you define. Verify your bill is accurate and see how the weather affects your energy usage and your system's energy production.
  2. Mobile device- All you need is an ability to connect to the internet through a web browser (ex. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) and you can view your home's energy usage and production in real time. Did you leave the lights on?
  3. Television- Any web enabled TV with a browser or a device (ex. Apple TV, Chromecast, Slingbox,  etc.) that has internet access or screen sharing capabilities.

Contact us today and see how you can save simply with the knowledge of knowing how much energy you’re using on a real time basis.