Solar Panel Installations in MN & WI

Residential, Commercial, and Community Solar

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Able Energy started as a small company, with a big idea -- help make solar energy affordable and easy to install, making it more affordable and more sustainable than current utility electricity. 

With our highly trained staff and our EPC approach as an “All-in-One” solar contractor, we guarantee you will be happy with our services. After an acquisition of a company involved with renewable energy since 2006 Able Energy Co has made it a deep passion to provide the best value to all our customers. We are also a professional electrical contractor built for efficient system design with a great understanding of electrical systems and how solar PV system interact with them. With assistance from our corporate location in River Falls, WI we design all of our local installations in AZ, IL, IA, MN, and WI with the idea of optimum return on investment and overall sustainability.


Commercial Solar

Our goal at Able Energy is to reshape the way businesses use and produce power to provide a system that once was a liability into an asset that will offer financial incentives for years to come.

Residential Solar

Service is our mindset from day one. With so many options we try to stream line the options and eliminate the cumbersome process of so many less than par products out on the market. Our goal is providing a system that offers the best overall value and has the durability to last far beyond the pay.

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