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Not only is solar energy one of the coolest technology based products you can add to your home, but it also increases your home's value significantly. And now for Dakota Electric Cooperative customers, you can save even more with a solar rebate of up to $4,000.

Dakota Electric Solar MN


The Reasons are Powerful

It will lower your Electric Bill-

The number one reason people go solar, is because it will lower your electric bill. Every system we install is the cheaper alternative to buying electricity from the utility. In the State of MN, the utility has been raising the cost of electricity by an average of 5% a year. With solar you will fix your electricity costs for the next 30 years. 


Solar will increase your homes value-

Solar will increase your homes value, and in most cases makes your return on investment immediate. With a solar system installed by Able Energy, your home will also be Tesla's Powerwall™ ready so you can have a battery back-up ready home.


Environmentally Friendly-

Some of our current methods of producing electricity do not provide a renewable source. We just happen to have a very large fusion reactor in the sky, otherwise known as the Sun, that just simply works day in and day out. Solar does not require moving mountains for coal, polluting our water sources, oil spills, radioactive waste, or similar to produce electricity. Plus, solar employs local employees in your demographic region, helping boost the local economy.


Low to No Maintenance is Needed-

Once the system is installed, we rely on a 25 year panel warranty, 12 year inverter warranty, and our 10 year installation warranty to ensure the system will last far into the future. It is very practical to assume the system will operate for 30 strong years, and during that time period you can plan to only need to replace the inverter once. How many cars will you own in that same 30 year time period?



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