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Commercial solar can be a very valuable strategy for both big and small businesses. Not only does solar reduce monthly overhead, it can eliminate all future energy costs. At Able Energy, know it's all about return on investment. Solar for business offers a break-even point of three to five years, in most cases. That means business owners can enjoy zero energy costs for up to 35 years or more. 

Our approach to commercial solar installations is simple -- offer the most competitve prices for top-of-the-line quality. We can do that because we provide engineering, procurement and construction as a turnkey solar developer. We buy direct, we design our own systems, and we have crews of installers and electricians to build them. 

Why Solar?

Solar electric, or photovoltaic (PV), is being built on a massive scale nationwide by some of the most iconic brands and best managed companies in the country. It has become a key tactic for many Fortune 500 companies for one simple reason: it makes sound financial sense. Many of the leading corporations in the U.S., like Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Kohl’s, IKEA, the N.F.L., Costco, Johnson & Johnson,  and FedEx, are leading the way. They have started designing their new stores and buildings to optimize solar installations.

Reduces operational costs All systems produce reliable clean energy during the times businesses need it the most, and the excess is sold back to the utility. Businesses offset their energy bill and, in some cases, make money by selling it back to the utility. There are additional studies showing the reduction in cooling needed in buildings with solar due in part to the “heat shield” effect. 

Improves long-term financial outlook Along with reducing monthly energy costs, solar deflects energy inflation. The Dept. of Energy estimates energy will rise between 5 to 8 percent a year. Solar, which offers offers predictable energy production for 30 to 40 years, is a hedge against utility price volatility. That means businesses can keep more of their money. 

Tax benefits - Solar installations, no matter the size or location, qualify for a 30 percent tax credit through 2016. The systems also qualify for MACRS accelerated decpreciation, which offset as much 35 percent over 6 years. The longer you have your system, the cheaper your product can stay or the better your bottom line gets. With the offsetting of inflation, the system ultimately is providing an investment that in most cases allows for a tax-free revenue stream, money saved is money earned with interest. 

Business valueSolar can increase a building's value by as much as $20 for every dollar it generates in a year making your real estate worth more money.

Provides marketing ppportunity- All of the companies listed above have been in the headlines nationally over the last couple years as they install solar on their buildings. Some of our customers maximize their marketing opportunity and we would be happy to share that information further.

Focused business strategies- With the thought of energy inflation far behind our customer’s minds, they can focus their attention to the business strategies that make them successful.

Incentives and Rebates

Not only do we know solar, we know our markets. Each market can provide a unique opportunity for the customers. We do the research to provide the highest rebates and incentives to lower the cost of a solar system. Contact us today to find out how your company, REIT, or facility can benefit from a renewable energy system today!

Each market we serve provides different incentives that are dependent on each customer or corporations tax status. Most of our customers benefit from a 30% federal tax credit, and some from state rebates and Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC’s).

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