Solar Panel Installations in MN & WI

Residential, Commercial, and Community Solar

Financing Available -

Solar hot water systems provide a clean energy source for your sustainable measures while also providing an excellent return on investment. Unlike our solar PV approach, we have partnered with an industry-leading company to provide the best balance of performance, durability and value. This allows for Able Energy Co. to provide a system that offers maximum durability and quick a ROI. All our systems are engineered and designed by trained professionals with the installation expertise to ensure all failure points are eliminated or reduced, making a system more reliable than many of the systems our competitors sell.

Customers benefiting from Solar

Anyone using hot water benefits from installing solar thermal. The fastest ROI is for those using large amounts of water such as breweries, hotels, and manufacturing facilities. Even the smallest users of hot water, such as office buildings, still benefit greatly by installing solar hot water.

Incentives and Rebates

Each market we serve provides different incentives that are dependent on each customer's taxable situation. Most of our customers benefit from a 30% federal tax credit, and some from state rebates and solar renewable energy credits (SREC’s).

How to get Started

Start by filling out our form or give us a call toll-free at 877-235-8962. We will help your business get started in saving money on a solar thermal system.

The Process

  1. Design a plan that best suits your situation
  2. Find your preferred payment type: financing, leasing, or direct purchase
  3. Complete an all in-house installation, guaranteeing your system is installed the way it was designed and that the entire system installation is protected by a single warranty
  4. Guidance on your system's operation and safety switch location