Solar Panel Installations in MN & WI

Residential, Commercial, and Community Solar

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Solar Financial Benefits

Solar offsets the need to purchase all your power from the power company. Solar panels collect energy during the time of day it costs your business, building, or organization the most money during the peak demand. With solar panels, you become your own power plant, which allows you to have all the power your system generates free of charge, decreasing your overhead and increasing your margins.

  1. Manufacturing: Cuts overhead on the product a manufacturing plant creates and makes a product either cheaper or allows for higher margins. It also allows for a product to be labeled “Made with Renewable Energy” which enables some of our customers to ask a premium for their product.
  2. Retail: Offers a great marketing opportunity and something that lets consumers identify with as a sustainable retailer.
  3. Office buildings: Solar offers a great opportunity for office buildings since most buildings have a very predictable energy fingerprint. Solar can offer a solution to offset a significant portion of the energy as well as provide some unique parking lot shade structures.
  4. Rental/ REIT’s: With the ever-present increases in energy, the owners of these buildings can add a cash generating system unlike any other on these buildings to sell another product to their tenants. Rent can be offered at a premium for retailers to sell a sustainable product and the ability for the building owner to offer a product different then their competition.

Another benefit to installing solar is its impact on increasing building values. Many buildings' values see an increase in their overall worth the day solar is installed. Contact us today if you think your business is worth it.

Increasing your Sustainability

Sustainability has become a regular discussion in terms of carbon footprints on buildings and within businesses. One of the largest sustainable projects a business can do outside of conservation is renewable energy. Solar offers a great opportunity to capitalize on this because it does not have the same logistical and permitting limitations as some of the other forms of renewable energy may have, like wind, biogas and geothermal. Major corporations are taking steps today to increase their sustainability, and in return, they have and will see increases in their profitability as they are proven to be interlinked.

System Reliability

Solar is proving to be the most reliable forms of renewable energy. Solar electric systems are constant, so they can be expected to last in excess of 35+ years. Solar works every day all year round and has been around for many years to prove its reliability and durability. Solar also offers flexibility in its ability to be installed in many different fashions, whether that be roof mounted, ground mounted, or a custom designed structure.

Marketing Opportunity

Solar energy as with any type of renewable energy offers the ability to provide a great marketing opportunity for any business. We've even had customers use their marketing budget to install solar and used it as a tool for getting customers in the door.