by Ben Ganje

That's it. We've had it. Another electric utility is fighting against solar. So, we're fighting back.

We are standing up to a new electric utility fee that is designed to deter people from installing solar. Able Energy is offering to pay for any “Solar Fees” for 10 years for any customers that are charged an extra fee for installing solar. The program is called SolarSavers™. 

Recently one Wisconsin utility, We Energies, proposed a rate charge for any their customers that install solar of $3.80 per kW each month. That equates to a typical homes system of a $22.80 a month in fees, simply for installing solar. 

Michael Harvey, CEO and President of Able Energy Co. said, “The fee is a way to deter customers from installing solar and for the utility to remain a monopoly.”


Able Energy plans to fight back on charges like the ones the utility has proposed by paying for their solar customers “solar charges” that the utility charges them, by paying for the monthly charges for 10 years. “It will become very evident in the years ahead if the fee has legitimate reasons behind them or if they are set up as a deterrent for the utility customers,” Harvey said, “I am pretty certain why they have set a fee in place.” Solar is gaining national traction on a level that poses a serious threat to the utilities that are sticking with traditional utility business model.

With its SolarSavers™ program, that pays for the 10 years of fees, Able Energy expects deterred customers to re-engage in installing solar this year. The program will help hundreds of other customers that have been considering solar, Harvey said. Solar has great return on investment and companies like Able Energy Co have helped drive down the cost of installing solar. A typical system installed on a home produces less expensive electricity as soon as five years.

Some of the local utilities are showing how solar can benefit them, their customers/members, and environment by installing systems on their system and offering low cost solar options like community solar.

Able Energy is based in River Falls, WI, and installs solar in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Louisiana, and Illinois. For more information, please contact Ben Ganje, Marketing Director for Able Energy, at 715-629-9335 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. More information is available at: