solar panels in wisconsin


The largest community solar garden in Wisconsin will have 2816 panels. Each are 310-watts and will be installed by Able Energy Co., of River Falls, Wis.

Able Energy President, Michael Harvey, along with a handful of executives, broke ground on an 858-kilowatt community solar garden at Eau Claire Electric Cooperative in Fall Creek, Wis., yesterday. It is the first step in the construction process that will turn a well-manicured field tucked behind the co-op’s headquarters into a massive solar panel array.

The project, called MemberSolar, will be the largest community solar array in the state of Wisconsin when completed. 

“We expect this project to provide clean energy to Eau Claire residents for more than 30 years,” Harvey said. “It is a great partnership between the electric co-op and its members.”

The array itself will be an impressive construction project. The panels will sit atop Schletter racking and run the length of the 600-foot feet. There will be nine rows in total oriented toward the south. The project will be enclosed in a ten-foot industrial fence.

The energy benefit from the solar panels will be no less impressive.

“Each panel will provide enough energy to keep an average light bulb on for 6,700 hours,” Harvey said.

The solar energy generated from the MemberSolar array could offset the entire energy bill of more than 85 homes. The project is expected to go online by October 1.

Able Energy was pleased to be chosen for this project, Harvey said, “We’re a local company and this project will serve local residents.”

The MemberSolar project was created by the Eau Claire Electric Cooperative.

“We responded to our members’ wishes and needs and we are anxious to bring this to a reality,” said Lynn Thompson, CEO at ECEC.

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