midwest-energy-newsby Ben Ganje

Iowa is one of the best solar markets in the country. It's residents are strong believers in renewable energy and, by all accounts, are educated early adopters of solar. 

One thing that hinders solar in Iowa, however, is the vast difference in interconnections between co-ops and investor owned utilities. Some co-ops buy back energy under a true Net Metering agreement, which pays or credits the customer at the retail rate. Others, however, attempt to stifle solar projects by installing smart-grid meters and not giving their customers any compensation for the solar electricity that is sent back out to the grid. 

Today, a great article was published in Midwest Energy News on this topic. 

On a farm in the middle of Iowa are two hog- confinement barns, identical in most every respect, and both belonging to the same farmer. Read more ....

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MN, WI, and Baton Rouge Solar Panels

       With so much attention these days on solar panel manufacturers, it is appropriate to focus the first part of this 5 part series on the main driver of a solar electric (PV) system. This article will focus on the territories or the United States we are most familiar with such as Minnesota, Wisconsin, Louisiana, North Carolina and Illinois, and how the solar panels produce power in them.

Baton Rouge Solar Inverter

Solar Energy Inverters-

As our second part to our five part series on a solar PV system, you will get a brief overview of how inverters interact in the system and the vital role they play in a system installed in MN, WI, IL, LA, and NC. 

After working in the energy industry in different parts of the world for 13 years, it always blows my mind that the US is so far behind in Renewable Energy, especially Solar PV. There is approximately 4 Gigawats of Solar installed in the US, the majority of which is on the East and West Coasts. In Germany, a country roughly the size of Minnesota, the solar capacity, in 2011 was 25 Gigawatts. So how much solar do we have in Minnesota? .0048 Gigawatts. That's right, Germany has 5,000 times more solar power than we do in Minnesota. Us renewable geeks look at stats like this, power up Google Earth, and scan the suburbs of Minneapolis and St. Paul drooling over all of that rooftop space. So instead of making a New Years resolution to lose weight, be kinder to animals and the elderly, or learn Manderin, this year, make a resolution to not only shrink your carbon footprint, but to make one of the best investments of your lifetime, it's a complete No Brainer. Here's why: